Sunday, June 25, 2017

NY Times: Tramp's lies since taking office

The NY Times has documented many of them since taking office up to 6/21/17. There are many. The truth is after each lie. If there's one thing Tramp has been the best at is being by far the Biggest Liar Ever. Just a few to whet the appetite follow. See the link for many, many more. Warning: Swamp dwellers stay away; facts contained therein.

Jan. 23 “Between 3 million and 5 million illegal votes caused me to lose the popular vote.” (There's no evidence of illegal voting.)
Jan. 25 “Now, the audience was the biggest ever. But this crowd was massive. Look how far back it goes. This crowd was massive.” (Official aerial photos show Obama's 2009 inauguration was much more heavily attended.)
Jan. 25 “Take a look at the Pew reports (which show voter fraud.)” (The report never mentioned voter fraud.)

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