Tuesday, June 27, 2017

New issue of Spanda Journal w/my and Michel's article

The new issue is out which contains my and Michel's article "Collective enlightenment through postmetaphysical eyes." The contents are below. It is imperative that we recontextualize the notion of enlightenment, both east and west, as we move into the collaborative commons. Otherwise it could be an impediment to that transition with its literally metaphysical orientation. Not only did the western enlightenment claim dominion over the earth and hence lead us to climate change, so did the eastern enlightenment with its belief in metaphysical planes beyond this one and reincarnation. Hopefully this paper will help in that goal.

~ Editorial - Sahlan Momo, Benighted, Enlightened, and Delighted: V-IX.
~ Joanna Macy, Learning to See in the Darkness Amid Catastrophe: XI-XII.
~ Ervin László, The Evolution of our Consciousness Is the Enlightenment of Humanity: 1-3.
~ Duane Elgin, Humanity’s Journey Home: We are Learning to Live in a Living Universe: 5-13.
~ George Pór, On the Verge of Collective Awakening: 15-30.
~ Peter Russell, Blind Spot: The Unforeseen End of Accelerating Change: 31-42.
~ Deepak Chopra, A Critical Issue: What to do When Darkness Rises?: 43-44.
~ Tom Atlee – Rosa Zubizarreta, The Embodiment of Wholeness in our Social Order: Our Evolutionary Challenge as Humans: 45-55.
~ Terri O’Fallon, The Integration of Awareness with the Individual and the Collective: 57-62.
~ Allan Combs, Collective Enlightenment: 63-67.
~ Richard Barrett, The Ego-Soul Dynamics of Enlightenment: 69-74.
~ Thomas Hübl – Julie Jordan Avritt, Toward the Integration of Collective Trauma in a Time of Exponential Change: 75-83.
~ Michel Bauwens – Edward Berge, Collective Enlightenment through Postmetaphysical Eyes: 85-92.
~ Zachary Stein – Marc Gafni, The Apocalypse of the Modern World-System  & Related Possibilities for Democratizing Enlightenment: 93-101.
~ Mariya K. Karagyozova, Collective Enlightenment – The Ascent: 103-106.
~ John E. Stewart, Enlightenment and the Evolution of the Material World: 107-114.
~ Fred Master, My Process of De-veloping Awareness: From a Finite Understanding towards Glimpses of Infinity: 115-122.
~ Gregory Wilpert, Consciousness for the Post-Capitalist Commons: A Developmental Psychological Perspective: 123-130.
~ Roger D. Nelson, Shifting Global Consciousness to Global Awareness: 131-136.
~ Eric Reynolds, Next Stage Organizations: 137-145.
~ Alfonso Montuori, The Evolution of Creativity and the Creativity of Evolution: 147-158.
~ Geoff Fitch, Truthfulness and Collective Enlightenment: 159-163.
~ Charles Johnston, Bringing Wisdom to the Future – Creative Systems Theory’s Concept of “Cultural Maturity”: 165-174.
~ Jim Rough, The ToBe Project. How to Facilitate All of us to Come Together as We The People: 175-182.
~ Bruce H. Lipton, An Introduction to Conscious Evolution: a Theory we Can Thrive with: 183-192.
Abstracts: 193-199.

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