Monday, June 26, 2017

Naomi Klein on her new book No is Not Enough

See this interview. One key topic of discussion is climate change denial. Repugnantans have to deny it because if it's true it destroys their entire worldview. To acknowledge means that their dream of a completely deregulated market is destroying the planet and must change. It means the government must intervene in the market to prevent environmental devastation, like moving away from fossil fuels into renewables.  And that is akin to the Devil taking your soul in their feeble perception.

She also goes after shallow Dimocrats that think simple things like recycling, driving a Hybrid or imposing a small carbon tax will solve the problem. They simply can't accept that a drastic intervention in the market is necessary because they too, the corporate Dims at least, benefit from the affluence a destructive market creates for their professional class.

See the interview for many more topics discussed from the book.

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