Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bill Maher is back

From vacation. In his opening monolog he said of Paul Ryan: " Scientists said this would never happen but it did: the ticket got whiter.... He's kind of an English-speaking version of Sarah Palin." Ryan wants to dismantle Medicare, cut back on unemployment benefits, increase taxes on the middle class and decrease them on the rich. "Or as your idiot brother-in-law puts it, 'Finally somebody who cares about me.'"

Later on he said of Romney's energy policy: "He loves coal. He once put a piece of coal up his ass and it came out a diamond." This was during the interview with Peter Byck, who created the film Carbon Nation. He made a lot of sense in terms of implementing tech to reverse climate change. And to do so without the necessity of converting disbelievers. Instead he focuses on the positive things we all want, like jobs. He claims there are way more jobs retrofitting windows in buildings than they'll ever be in working in coal mines, and it's a much preferable job to boot.

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