Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Romney and Obama Medicare cuts are not the same

The Romney campaign and his super PACs are lying again. They claim that the Affordable Care Act will cut Medicare benefits by $700 billion. While it's true that it will cut that much from the program there are no cuts to benefits. Per Robert Reich the cuts will be to payments made to drug companies, hospitals and other providers. Meanwhile the Romney/Ryan plan will make the same amount of cuts but to pay for them they turn the program into a voucher system, which won't keep up with rising health care costs thereby increasing the financial burden on program beneficiaries. And all while giving even bigger tax cuts to the already wealthy. Which do you prefer?


  1. Referencing Robert Reich as your proof is the rough equivalent of quoting Rush Limbaugh for an opposite opinion.

    My current thinking is that BOTH candidates would be more straightforward to admit that they both would "change Medicate as we know it". Some change to the program is the point.

  2. This is a glaring false equivalency. Robert Reich is an economics Professor at Berkeley and served as the former Labor Secretary. Limbaugh is a blowhard windbag without any such qualifications. The former deals in facts and the latter in pure ideology. Obama's Affordable Care Acts provides all the specific details of exactly the changes he'd make, as does Ryan's budget. (Romney not so much yet.) So it depends on the kind of change we want and who it will benefit and hurt. Again, there is no equivalency here either.


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