Thursday, August 9, 2012

The next Buddha?

Layman Pascal started an IPS discussion called "Who is the world teacher?" Check it out for his ruminations. My initial response follows:

The archetype of a world-teacher is from the age of heroes, i.e., formal operational cognition with its individualism. We're moving into the P2P age and the next Buddha will be a sangha. Check out this essay by the P2P Foundation which provides a good idea of the next age and "Buddha," with examples from Ferrer and Heron. Bauwens does for spirituality what Rifkin does for techno-economy. Also this is what Balder is and has been working on, and what this site is about. Balder's real name is in fact mentioned in Bauwens' article.

We see this residue of a Savior in The Matrix, The One. Not surprisingly, there is an attachment to the metaphysical One within this frame. We're going multiplex (multiplicity).

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