Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Integral religious fanaticism

I'm not on Facebook but have heard about the squabbles on the AQAL scholars forum. It appears to be nothing new. In this IPS thread I noted their banning activity. My first thought was "welcome to the club." This sort of response from kennilinguists has been going on from the very beginning. I was there at the start of I-I, when the first administrators were booted and the 'kids' were installed to do the Lingam's bidding without critical appraisal. I too was excommunicated the minute I offered constructive criticism, just one of a plethora of other invaluable personnel to get the same axing.

I'm reminded of Edwards' writing on altitude sickness at the beginning of this thread. And this post on Edward's article "On being critical." It seems the kennilinguists have yet to heed Edwards in this regard, still engaging in the same old story of "you can't criticize if you ain't at the same level." Never mind that they define what a particular level means and then self-fulfill that prophesy, valid criticism on the nature of that level to the contrary by again defining that criticism as a lower level as well. Circle-jerk par excellence and no longer worth the effort of rapprochement.

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