Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Obamacare success stories

Ed Shultz reports. You will not hear any of these stories from the regressive echo chamber. In CA where they have an exchange things are looking quite good. This is why regressives that control States are refusing to implement the exchanges. These success stories will continue to escalate and overcome the far fewer sob stories. And yes, even the latter must be addressed and fixed, but with regressive media you don't get the whole story on that.

Like that in numerous proven cases, those who got the coverage termination letters could then go on exchanges and get a better deal. They leave out that part of the story. Or that insurance companies are choosing to give termination letters because they cannot compete with the exchanges, and then instead of informing former insured about the better exchange deals try to sell them a far more expensive policy. Again, this is not reported by the regressives. The regressives are going to lose this one big time once Obamacare gets rolling and they know it. And they'll do everything to prevent that, including lying and stealing, their usual tactics. But much like the last election they will again be exposed by the facts and they will lose again in 2014, big time.

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