Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Reich on the election results

In a recent post I discussed the Virginia governor's race. I wasn't so much for McAuliffe but against Cuccinelli. Robert Reich looks at all 3 major races from VA, NJ and NY. McAuliffe in VA is no progressive but rather a Wall Street Democrat. Christie in NJ spoke out against Tea Party extremism but again, he is no progressive and in Wall Street's pocket. That they look good to us is only because of the extremely regressive wing of the GOP that the people are finally rejecting, barely. On the other hand de Blasio winning the NY mayoral election is good news, for he "campaigned against the corporatist legacy of Michael Bloomberg -- promising to raise taxes on the wealthy and use the revenues for pre-school and after-school programs for the children of New York's burdened middle class and poor." Hopefully this will inspire other progressives to run, proving they can win in the likes of our nation's biggest city.

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