Monday, November 11, 2013

Space, time and spirit

One can see some of Sean Kelly's works here at Following is an excerpt from the abstract of "Space, time and spirit" invoking image schema! Right up my alley and I never knew.

"The author goes on to trace the role of spatial and temporal image schemata in the formulation of models of the psyche and its relation to spirit or the transpersonal."

Part I discusses James and Jung, part II Wilber and Grof. From part II:

"The theory must be able to accommodate the twists and turns, the foldings, overlappings, and 'weaving together' of the preformal with the post- or transformal [...] that are not immediately evident in the more straightforward metaphors [...] that otherwise inform the concepts of development and evolution."

My twist on part II is, as I've often stated, that the Lingam abstracts and thereby metaphysicalizes the image schema, where the 'higher' is vertically better, and more inclusive since it 'contains' the lower. Whereas I see the schema as coming from the middle out and thus integrating the abstract extremes of up/down, in/out via the fold.

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