Thursday, March 19, 2015

Be a citizen co-sponser of the CPC budget

Following up on this post, support the Congressional Progressive Caucus budget by endorsing it here. The petition states:

Our message to the Members of Congress,
I support the People’s Budget to get America back on track and on the path to prosperity.

I stand as a citizen co-sponsor because the People’s Budget will:
  • Help create an economy that works for all of us. The budget creates 8 million good jobs by 2018; expands childcare to low-income families with children younger than three; increases the minimum wage and protects the right to bargain collectively.
  • Set the country on the path to prosperity. The budget increases funding to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, makes college affordable for working families, invests in clean and renewable energy and green manufacturing, and enhances the social safety net that protects veterans, women, and working families.
  • Make corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes. The budget pays for these new investments by ending tax breaks for companies that ship jobs and profits offshore and restoring the tax on the wealthiest to the Clinton-era rates. It expands tax credits for working families, and eliminates the lower tax rate paid by millionaires on investment incomes.
  • Endorse Social Security expansion. Social Security is a solution to a looming retirement income crisis, the disappearing middle class, and growing income inequality. While improvements to the program should be made separately from the federal budget process, we can extend the lifespan of the trust fund and increase Social Security benefits for all by asking the very wealthiest Americans to pay into Social Security at the same rate as everyone else.
The People’s Budget is right for my family and right for working families across America. I urge you to support it today.

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