Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Visser on Stewart

Following up on this post, I also posted that as a comment to Frank Visser's latest Integral World article. Frank's reply:

"Yes, I know Stewart's ideas very well have posted some of his writing on Integral World, some of which is originally written for this website. He is so much more interesting and knowledgeable than Wilber when it comes to evolution. Especially relevant is his emphasis on individual holons becoming more cooperative during evolution -- across micro and macro levels -- where Wilber gives a more transcendentalist presentation in which individual holons transcend and include previous holons, each with their own social counterparts. Wilber needs a metaphysical drive towards complexity to get this all off the ground, Stewart doesn't. But above all, Stewart engages the relevant literature (Gould, McShea) where Wilber is lost in his sound bytes that are only meant to impress and cater to the ignorance of his audience."

Here's a link to Stewart's IW articles.

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