Saturday, March 28, 2015

Subsidy Tracker

See Ralph Nader's article here wherein he provides a link to the Subsidy Tracker. The next time a regressive goes off on welfare, look up their company to see exactly how much it gets in government welfare. I tried Citigroup, the focus of Senator Warren's recent diatribe, and found the following, which is just a partial list from a comprehensive report. The amount starving kids get for food stamps pales in comparison.

Parent Company Summary

Parent Company Name: 
Ownership Structure: 
publicly traded
Headquartered in: 
New York
banking & securities
Subsidy Summary Subsidy Value Number of Subsidies
State/Local $288,386,116 71
Federal (grants and allocated tax credits) $161,999,228 2
TOTAL $450,385,344 73

Loan / Bailout Summary Total Face Value Number of Awards
Federal loans, loan guarantees and bailout assistance (not including repayments) $2,591,415,050,066  728

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