Thursday, March 19, 2015

On cultural advances and regressions

Following up on the last post, DavidM58 commented on it at IPS, noting how Stewart might support his thesis on a transition from a competitive to a cooperative social shift. My response:

Have you explored Eisler to support your thesis? As noted in her thread, she see's an alteration between cultural periods of male dominance and partnership societies. The former are an unbalanced regression of dominator hierarchies, whereas the latter are balanced actualization hierarchies. I also made the spiral dynamics connection of alternating individual and social levels. SD however sees both as spiraling upward, whereas I suggested that perhaps the more individually (male) oriented are really much more like Eisler's regressive dominators. Hence not really an ongoing upward evolutionary spiral per SD (and Wilber etc.) but an uneven spiral up and down.

Hence capitalism, with its unbalanced male individualism, is actually a regression rather than a necessary or healthy advance up the spiral. That would also go for the sort of complexity Stewart notes above, what I'd call false reason and a regression rather than an advance. Real reason though is an advance, which is a partnership between body and mind, abstract and concrete, etc. instead of the usual dichotomous metaphysics inherent to dominator cultures.

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