Saturday, October 20, 2018

A Cherokee defends Warren

Continuing this post, then there's this statement by the leader of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Principal Chief Richard Sneed, who also gets it right:

"The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is a sovereign tribal nation with the inherent authority to determine our own citizenship. Senator Elizabeth Warren does not claim to be a citizen of any tribal nation, and she is not a citizen of the Eastern Band. Like many other Americans, she has a family story of Cherokee and Delaware ancestry and evidence of Native ancestry. [...] But Senator Warren has not tried to appropriate Cherokee or Delaware culture. She has not used her family story or evidence of Native ancestry to gain employment or other advantage. She has not tried to claim a treaty or trust obligation, or seek the protection of the Indian Child Welfare Act. On the contrary, she demonstrates respect for tribal sovereignty by acknowledging that tribes determine citizenship and respecting the difference between citizenship and ancestry."

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