Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Democrats: Quit being pussies

In this case being a pussy means being nice, calm, courteous. You know, character traits we should value but in this misogynistic white male culture have been characterized as being that dread and dismissed moniker feminine. Patriarchal Repugnantans, on the other hand, usually display the dysfunctional male traits of righteous anger and attack at being challenged a la Kavanaugh. So while the ideal is balanced male and female traits, right now we have no choice but to fight back because we are rapidly losing ground for human rights and a fair system of government. Hence we need to quit being pussies and express our own flagrant outrage at injustice. From this article by Jess Zimmerman, a female journalist:

"We are not in a functioning society right now. [...] The reason women are being so widely called to access their anger right now is that politeness has become a room we’re banished to. The same applies to Democrats in Congress and anyone looking to replace our failed government in the future; they may have had no good option but to meet pigheadedness with the same. In this case, then, the path forward for a feminized group has already been laid out by the third wave: Learn to be a bitch. Be angry, even if you aren’t allowed. Be ruder than you think you can be (without losing your principles). If they say feelings don’t matter, turn your feelings into a weapon. Never shut up. Never stand down. This is not ideal; it is functionally a commitment to escalation, when in fact everyone should take a damn seat. But it’s one of the only options available when there are two rigidly outlined groups, and one of them has written the rules so that the rules don’t apply to them."

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