Wednesday, October 10, 2018

If capitalism is dead, what next?

Dawlabani, from his '16 Integral European Conference keynote: "If capitalism is dead, what next?"

"One of the most prominent characteristics of the emerging system is the concept of “distributed intelligence” Its a decentralized system that follows no ideology. So, if we’re beginning to see the end of centralized ideologies, what will the system look like on the other side?"

"This is a highly collaborative network that relies on the wisdom of the crowd. [...] It is a Green system in its infancy stage, but it’s beginning to evolve. So, as it continues to differentiate its bits and bytes it becomes more functional. It becomes more second tier. [...] The emerging system is a movement away from all that to a new system identified with networked abundance."

"The new system is highly networked. It is open source. If you’re designing a digital platform of sorts you go to bed knowing what it looks like. You wake up the next day and many collaborators from every part of the world have improved on it. This is what the future of work looks like."

"The end of Centralized ideologies of the first tier, including Capitalism begins with the healthy integration of the Individualistic and Communal value systems, consciously absorbing each other into an Intelligent Network. It is more Allometric than it is Holocratic. Allometry is from the biological sciences and here’s what it means: It preserves the high functionality of its different sectors, (the specialized organs in an organism) that create innovation, (specialized functions) while relying on the Network for fair and equitable distribution."

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