Saturday, July 27, 2019

Colbert criticizes media on Mueller testimony

Corporate media was more concerned that Mueller's performance was boring rather than focusing on what's of real importance: "Mueller confirmed that the President of the US was not totally exonerated. Mueller also agreed that Dump obstructed the investigation multiple times, Russia tampered with the election in Dump's favor, the President welcomed that help, lied about welcoming it, and encouraged others to lie about it."

It's absolutely sick that corporate media is more concerned with ratings and inciting headlines that with crimes against our country. In that case Dump is right that at least corporate media is the enemy of the people, as their only concern is the bottom line and not we the people. In fact, corporate media's obsession with ratings is in large part how Dump got elected in the first place! Otherwise they'd focus on the actual content of The Report and what Mueller confirmed, which demands justice in the form of impeachment, then a criminal trial after Dump leaves office.

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