Friday, July 26, 2019

The danger of the Con's entertainment, industrial and political complex

What follows is from Richard Romine's insightful FB post. That's partly the problem with the Dems; they are not united in message. It's a legitimate struggle though, as the establishment Dems are in cahoots with the Repugs on neoliberalistic capitalism. Hence the necessary battle to make the Party  of, for and by we the people again. At least the progressive side is pretty much unified on message, and that is the message that polls show the majority of Americans support, since it is representative of we the people. Our only hope is to elect more progressives so that they are in the majority. Then we too can have the same sort of unified message as the Repugs.

"If you haven’t noticed, the Cons are extremely organized. They are led and controlled by a centralized authority, much like the Communist Party or the Nazi Party. It has been difficult to find the exact mechanism, but the Council for National Policy seems to be a good guess. What I find disturbing, is the extreme coordination and lack of ethics and disagreement in the Republican Party. Somehow very vocal voices within the party, have been silenced as the most corrupt administration in American history, rules the day. But the extreme organization is more on the lines of collusion and intimidation, than ordinary process.

"It begins with the ownership of the media. And it’s ability to frame the discussion. A perfect example is Wednesday’s Mueller testimony. On nearly all of the media, it is portrayed as some sort of failure. I watched it, it was anything but. But framing it as one, takes the feeling of finally hearing the truth, to one where it really doesn’t count. I thought the body language “Expert” hired by Fox News to be an interesting touch. The media is designed to frame the information in the Con’s favor, while hiding that very fact. Bernie Sanders is another prime example, as far as anyone knows his rallies consist of two Boy Scouts and a handful of Antifa. They put him on just enough….to not look like they are doing it.

"But that’s only the beginning. Social media is used to discourage Progressives and Democrats. Anything that could build unity is attacked, always disputed, usually with nonsense. The owners of the manufacturers of the very voting machines used, are Conservative Authoritarians. And they own the algorithms, which are secret and proprietary so only they know what it does. The Cons have worked tirelessly to fund and elect Supervisors of Elections and Sheriffs to secure and protect their process. The polling process is flawed and funded by the same institutions that accept Con’s money and the questions are framed to keep that money coming. Everything is focused on creating the result the Cons want, which may be only to keep enough control, to stop anything they don’t like. From polling to show what happens is legitimate, to making sure no one really looks at the process itself, it is all in place for this next election. And that doesn’t include the Russians or Gerrymandering or Voter Suppression. Or it could be to create complete control.

"But now, they blatantly work together, it is only that so many don’t want to see it. Our only real hope is to vote in record numbers and make them do the unthinkable. It is our choice now, do we leave our comfort zone of the frog sitting in the slowly warming pot. Or do we do the things, organizing along a set of agreed principles, fighting back economically and politically? I find it discouraging, the number that don’t want to see the truth, right in front of us. As it will soon become so very obvious and it will perhaps be too late."

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