Thursday, January 9, 2014

Divine Multiplicity and polyphilia

At IPS Balder referenced a new book, Divine Multiplicity. A free Google preview is here. The reference let me to re-read this post quoting Faber from another book, Polydoxy. How a kennlinguist can interpret this staff as relativist is simply a lack of the necessary intellectual software. I appreciate re-reading it now more than the first reading back then.

His words on khora echo what I've written using Caputo and Derrida. I'm also reminded of recent posts on Murray and indeterminism. This appears as an infinite regress only to a Aristotelian logic, which I've accused the kennilinguists of using, and also accounts for their charge of relativism. He rightly points out that such a logic is based on substantialism (or essentialism), as is plain in kennilingus with its Causal ultimate and consciousness per se as forms of "an unmoved mover." I'd note that Bryant's version of substance does not fall prey to this logic.

I also appreciate the correlation of such Aristotelian logic with hierarchical power structures that establish "violence and enslavement." And contra models of complexity like the MHC and consistent with the complexity of Cilliars and Morin, polyphilic paradox "cannot be framed by any means of identity, universal generalization, or classification." And most of all I savor the irony of the likes of Faber and Keller writing this sort of stuff, coming out of Claremont, the home of David Ray Griffin, whose diatribes against postmodernism were taken up in toto by the Lingam and have since been soundly refuted, or transcended and replaced, by the polyphiliacs.


  1. In this link* Faber elucidates what he calls de/construction, which is highly akin to what I call de/reconstruction (or de/re):

    "With a slash between 'de' and 'construction,' I want to emphasize a polar circulation between the 'de-' of 'resolving' a monadic whole and the 'con-' of 'integrating' multiplicities anew into a (now) rhizomatic whole."

    This is something the kennilinguists have yet to grasp (see this thread**).


  2. And FYI, if you weren't aware Griffin has since become a rabid 9/11 truther:


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