Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Roll back Citizens United

The following is from Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio.

As of the 21st, Citizens United has reached it’s “fruit & flowers” anniversary -- four years of degrading our electoral process, one attack ad at a time.

Super PACs and special interest groups spend millions of dollars to influence elections. We often don’t know where they get the money. We don’t know what their true motivation is. Yet they spend enough cash to put their agenda front and center, while middle class families in Ohio -- the ones that don’t have a million dollars to spend on campaigns -- get drowned out.

I bet Karl Rove and the Koch brothers are celebrating today. You could have bought a sports team -- or maybe a small tropical island -- with the amount of money their affiliated groups spent on the last election. But we’re going to use today to reaffirm our commitment to stand against Citizens United.

On this anniversary, I'm teaming up with some of my colleagues to gather 400,000 signatures on our petition to end the effects of Citizens United. Join us -- sign the petition right now.

In America, elections are determined by the people. Corporations and special interest groups don’t vote. And they shouldn’t get to collect cash from undisclosed donors, and spend it virtually without limit or oversight, to influence those who do.

Every year Citizens United is in effect, our democracy suffers just a little more. The spending will get worse. And if we are ever going to bring back some transparency and accountability to our electoral process, we need to make sure our opposition to Citizens United continues to grow.

Help me and my colleagues reach 400,000 strong standing against Citizens United. Sign our petition today.

Thank you for all of your support.


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