Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Obama did it, promoted fast-track for TPP in the SOTU

See this article for the details. How can the President make inequality the keynote of his speech last night and then push for fast-track on the TPP? Does he really believe it will create jobs and exports? The TPP is being negotiated in secret by 600 "corporate advisors," and leaks have confirmed that it will overrule US environmental and labor laws. And fast-track completely by-passes Congressional oversight, instead requiring a straight up-or-down vote. We all know the effects of past free-trade deals, and given that this is a giant corporate give-away we're going to trust that this will redress inequality? The track record of fast-track on speciously named "free trade" deals is devastating, so please raise hell with your representatives and the President. The good news is that Senator majority leader Reid opposes it and will not advance it in the Senate.

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