Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Polls on progressive issues

Continuing from the last post, see this article. Some samples follow showing that if progressives stick to their guns they have winning issues in the next election. And regressives do not.

"The results from a host of polls this year indicate that Democrats can win big in future elections if they focus on progressive tax-and-spend policies that create jobs, protect Social Security and Medicare and require rich Americans and big corporations to shoulder more of the burden of supporting government.

"Indeed, the latest poll shows that even a quarter of Tea Party Republicans favor some progressive tax and spend policies. It also shows that almost 4 in 5 registered voters want to close corporate loophole. [...] A convincing 7 in 10 voters favor maintaining current tax rates on profits earned offshore and imposing a 30 percent or higher tax on annual incomes above $1 million, a policy known as the Buffett Rule. Both of these policies are favored by progressive Democrats and opposed by leading Republicans.

"A majority 6 in 10 Americans surveyed just before tax day last April for the Associated Press favored the Buffett Rule, the minimum 30 percent tax rate on incomes above $1 million. That is about what the new Hart poll for Americans for Tax Fairness found. About two-thirds of Americans believe corporations pay too little in tax, the Gallup poll has found in surveys going back nearly a decade. The Hart poll found similar sentiments."

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