Thursday, May 29, 2014

Be the change

Once again there is discussion at IPS over what the forum should be more/less of. Following are some of my responses starting with this post. Read up to see to what I'm responding:

I recall Dial a while back wanting to hear more about how the ideas here impact our personal lives, our 'art of living.' See this post for example, where he was disenchanted with our "subtle parsing of ontologies." I encouraged Dial to be the change he wanted to see here instead of asking us to be that for him. In this post he admitted he got frustrated "when you don’t think my thoughts for me" and then expressed more of what he thought. Perhaps read that series of posts for context.

Seems like the same process is being revisited here. I suggested that we all have our preferential styles and focuses here, and if that is not enough for you then you be the change. You speak up with your own thoughts, ideas, preferences. There's room here for all that and just because only a few of us speak up doesn't mean that's all this place is or can become. Like in the 'art of living' Dial wanted more of, if someone isn't providing you with what you want quit blaming them and do it yourself.

Granted you can ask people to change their behavior if it's harming you, and make choices depending on their response. But I hardly think the styles and content here are harming anyone, is it? And you have the choice to start your own discussion threads on anything within the very general parameters of this forum. But then you'd have to take responsibility for that thread and invest time and work. So perhaps that is part of the problem, that like Dial you want us to do your work for you? We'd be glad to help you in your work with feedback and response, but like in any educational situation* you have to do your own homework and come to class prepared, even to lead a discussion or presentation. Are you ready for that? And ready to be rejected or ignored? Or criticized and harangued? Be careful what you ask for.

* In a sense this is a P2P mutual educational space, hence the metaphor.

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