Friday, May 23, 2014

Thom Hartmann on the proposed 28th Amendment

In this Ted Talk he notes that Lincoln didn't fight the civil war to free the corporations. He gives a history lesson on how this country was founded on fighting the corporations of England. And when American corporations took over, how we fought back vigorously yet again. The corporations have once again taken over backed by the Supreme Corp, which has said that corporations are people and that money equals speech. And we need to fight back one more time, now with the proposed 28th Amendment to our Constitution which reverses those two key ingredients. And the only way it will ever pass is the way it did the first two times: The people have to get involved, speak up loudly and often, and force Congress to enact it and their States to ratify it. As Hartmann often says: "Tag, you're it." If we don't do it it won't get done.

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