Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Take action for net neutrality

From Daily Kos:

On Capitol Hill the net neutrality battle is in full swing, with Big Telco lobbyists circulating a letter to House Democrats urging them to stand against real net neutrality. Click here to stop this now.

Texas Democrat Rep. Gene Greene and his lobbyist friends at the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA)—the same people who ruined your cable subscription—are pushing an anti-net neutrality letter. The letter advises the FCC Chairman against asserting the strongest legal authority on which to base net neutrality, leaving the rules wide open for another disastrous court challenge.

There is a progressive alternative. Our friends in the Congressional Progressive Caucus, led by Rep. Keith Ellison and Rep. Raul Grijalva, are circulating a letter to FCC Chairman Wheeler advocating for true net neutrality rules. This is the letter Democrats should be signing, and so far we have over 20.

It’s amazing how much weight these letters hold in Washington, D.C.. The political calculation is this: the FCC will feel compelled to side with whichever letter has more signators, forcing the choice between the telecom lobbyists and progressives acting in the public interest. We need to keep Democrats off the letter from telecom lobbyists.

Please, sign and send the petition to the House Democrat representing your district—urge them not to sign the telecom industry letter circulated by Rep. Gene Greene and the NCTA, but rather to sign the letter from the Congressional Progressive Caucus which supports real net neutrality.

Keep fighting,
Rachel Colyer
Campaign Director, Daily Kos

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