Sunday, May 18, 2014

What's needed for religion now, not then

LP and others have had a few responses to my last post, so I responded in this post, which follows. You can follow the IPS discussion in that last link and scrolling up and down.

I obviously think developing a postmetaphysical spirituality and religion are necessary or I wouldn't spend time here. But as I said, it's for a very few. And it's questionable whether it makes one whit in getting the majority of religious believers up to religious thinkers. Sure it sets up some parameters for after that, but before that there is a lot of work to be done to get religion up to the rational level. And by and large that is not even close to the case. That is where the likes of Harris, Batchelor and others come in. And God bless them every one (with tongue in cheek).

PS: As I said in the Rifkin book thread, he too is setting up the next wave. But he is paltry on the transition to get there, and where the progressive politics of Sanders and Warren come in. Same notion, different discipline. A key difference though is that religion has been kept sacrosanct from rational analysis, as if it didn't apply to faith. Hence it is much farther behind in the spectrum.

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