Monday, May 5, 2014

Regressives deliberately lie on Obamacare

No surprise I'm sure, except to the gleefully ignorant diehard base. Which is exactly what the regressive leadership is counting on. Krugman shows how time and again they deliberately mislead and misinform, which of course Fox takes up in its relentless, continuous echo chamber. They know the facts but also know that the facts don't matter to their base, that the ideology is what matters. So they continue to use not only the art of framing but also knowing it's based on lies.

Krugman lists example of example of the lies and the proof. Since all previous lies have been factually countered the latest example is that the enrollees aren't paying their premiums. Again misleading, since the regressives included those whose first premium wasn't even due at the time of the survey.

Krugman laments on the fact that the regressive party has come to be the representative of good ole American business, that lying, cheating and stealing are all 'fair' when it comes to love, war, business and politics. It's just a further sign of the near complete degeneration of a once great society based on honesty and integrity. All thanks to the regressives.

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