Thursday, May 29, 2014

Senator Sanders on net neutrality

Since its creation, the open Internet has helped strengthened our democracy, spur innovation and connect communities around the globe. This equal playing field called “net neutrality” has defended the open Internet from corporations that want to control it for profit.

Right now the Federal Communications Commission is considering a rule that would allow large Internet providers like Verizon and Comcast to charge businesses for faster access to Internet users. This rule would give large corporations yet another advantage over small Internet companies. These types of pay-to-play agreements are unacceptable and would cause the Internet as we know it to cease to exist.

We must not allow the FCC to let big corporations to turn a profit by putting a fee on the free flow of ideas. The FCC is asking for the public to comment and I hope you will weigh in here. Make your voice heard and help save net neutrality.

Thank you for all that you do.


Bernie Sanders
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

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