Friday, May 30, 2014

High school bully story

Recall this song about bullying. I remember a bully from high school, Tom 'Prep' Prebula. He was a State wrestling champion, largely because he was stupid and was held back two years. Because I was tall and a possible threat to his physical superiority he would punch me in the chest hard ever time we passed in the halls between classes. I was not only tall but thin, not yet having filled out, so not the strongest or most confident of adolescents. So I just took the hits and tried to avoid him in the hallways.

One day I saw him coming and clung to the opposite wall, hoping he wouldn't see my in passing. But of course he did and went out of his way to hit me. But something in me snapped this time and my arm shot out and counterpunched him back in the chest, as hard as I could. He got so angry that he threw me up against the wall and threatened to beat me to a pulp. But my anger got the better of me so I said in a loud voice something like the following: "Go ahead, beat me up, but you'll destroy your wrestling scholarship to that college. And if you don't get it you'll never get in because you're so stupid. So come on, hit me, fuck up your future so I can laugh at you when I order my fries from you at Burger King."

He gave me a quizzical look and stormed off. He never hit me after that day. And what I learned is what hopefully Obama and the Democrats have learned: You have to hit the regressives in the chest and fight back, down and dirty. It's the only language they understand. You can't be nice or civil to them for that is a sign of weakness and will only spur them on. Punch the bastards in the face and threaten to destroy them. And mean it.

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