Thursday, May 15, 2014


From Working Families:

It's happening. Today, thousands of fast food workers all over the world are demanding in one voice "$15 and a union!"

Will you stand with the workers and support their fight for a living wage and the right to organize? 
Click here to show your support by signing onto the rallying cry "$15 and a union."

“$15 and a union!" will be shouted tomorrow in the streets of New York City, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles all the way to Dublin, Casablanca, and Buenos Aires. It’s official -- the fight for a living wage is going global! 

It all started in New York City in 2012 with one walk-out. Now two years later, activists and fast food workers in 150 cities and more than 30 countries will rally to demand fair wages and the right to organize a union.

In the next 24 hours, we want to gather a massive message of support from Working Families supporters all over the country to amplify the call for a living wage and the right to a union.

Will you stand with low-wage workers around the world? Click here to show your support by signing onto the rallying cry "$15 and a union."

We'll bring your message of support with us tomorrow when we join with New York City fast food workers to march as part of the global day of action.

Fast food protests are gaining traction and striking a nerve, despite what fast food companies may say publicly. In internal documents, the National Restaurant Association1 -- the world’s largest food service organization -- shared concern for the increasingly coordinated and escalating protests and have even taken steps to monitor fast food activists’ events and social media postings.

Workers are rising up on a historic scale, and we won't just sit on the sidelines.

Stand with workers around the world and demand $15 and a union! 

You can follow the international protests online with the hashtag #fastfoodglobal. 

Fight for 15, Lucha por 15, 15 No tame ni tatakau!

Dan Cantor
Executive Director
Working Families


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