Monday, July 25, 2016

Winton's discussion of Trump

Following up on this post, some discussion has ensued in response to Tim's post. See them for context. My response follows:

Yes, the broader socio-economic conditions, awash in neoliberal capitalism, has created such inequality across the 99% that the rage among the masses has reached a tipping point. To wit, Trump beating all the establishment Republicans. Sanders would likely have done the same were it not for DNC rigging. So the table is amply set for either a progressive or regressive revolution. Hartmann gives a good summary here.

Given Clinton is more of a neoliberal than progressive, at least some of the disillusioned liberals will turn to Trump or go to Stein. Trump has a real chance of winning, and Michael Moore thinks he will. Given Trump's undeniable propensities, his giant ego one of them, and the socio-economic conditions as they are, the zeitgeist could very well swell that ego to such potentials.

We can see what he already IS from a lifetime history of being THE boss of his empire, treating his employees like shit, moving jobs overseas where there are little to no worker protections or minimum wages, buying off politicans for business favors (the Clintons among them), not paying his workers, filing lawsuits every time he turns around at the slightest perceived and often imagined insult. And lest we forget the comments about Mexicans, Muslims and women? 

Combine that with the GOP agenda, already enacted with promises of much more of the same, and we get very near to the sort of fascism that is oligarchic business control of government. We're already most of the way there. You think Trump and the GOP aren't going to take us the rest of the way based on their proven history? Including unprovoked war and nationalistic jingos? Remember Iraq and Afghanistan?

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