Friday, July 22, 2016

The liberal Trump defense

I also posted this on the FB IPS forum. In the following response I am in complete agreement about Shillary. But it is just a spoiled brat's way of saying "fuck it, I don't care how it hurts millions of people because I am mad." Joseph's response, quoting another:

"If I get another admonishing finger wagged in my face - just one - along the lines of "What, you want a President Trump," there will be asses kicked sideways in all directions. I've had it.

I WARNED YOU about what a vulnerable bad-idea candidate Clinton is. But no, she's the fucking Anointed One, the only one that can win until she fucking loses. By all rights, she should be 25 points ahead of Trump across the board, but she's not, because she's a fucking terrible candidate and you know it. She's got more baggage than Samsonite.

So I'm supposed to take a blade to my own conscience and vomit up a vote for her because of your bad decision-making? Fucking hell with that. You bought it, you ride it, all the way to the end. A god damned ham sandwich could beat Trump in a general election. You went and picked the one human who could actually blow it, and now that's on me?

Fuck and that. I will vote my conscience in November - and yeah, if it's close, that will factor in - but if I get another half-assed "Yeah but" lecture, you're gonna get banhammered so fast you'll be gone before you know you had an accident. She's your candidate. Live with the fucking pain.

If she can't beat FUCKING DONALD TRUMP, she has no business in the race to begin with. I'm not here to haul your water or paper over your mistakes. You had other options, and you fucked it up. Don't put that on me."

Joseph:  My sentiments are with Cornell West. He's my kind of "mad man." I will vote my conscience and values, not the "lesser evil" argument that continues to reproduce the same unsustainable neoliberal policies.

Me: While I admire the principle I abhor the consequences of a Trump Presidency and complete GOP control of government. We're talking the literal deaths and untold suffering of millions in the populace. I'm not willing to contribute to that for the sake of purity of principle.

Meanwhile, I will continue to promote a progressive third party so that eventually we won't have to choose between another Clinton or another Hitler. I'm in it for the long game on principle.

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