Sunday, July 17, 2016


Continuing from the last post, see this article. An excerpt:

"Beating bureaucracy isn’t just one more re-org. What’s needed is an approach that’s emergent, collaborative, iterative, and inescapable; one that “rolls up” rather than “rolls out;” something more like an open innovation project and less like Mao’s cultural revolution. 

"In recent years, organizations as diverse as Ford, Netflix, and Google have used hackathons to invent new products and solve thorny operational problems. (Facebook’s ubiquitous “Like” button grew out of a hackathon.)
In a hackathon, teams compete to come up with novel solutions and the most promising are then fast-tracked to implementation. [...] The output of such a conversation wouldn’t be a single, elaborate plan for uprooting bureaucracy, but a portfolio of risk-bounded experiments designed to test the feasibility of post-bureaucratic management practices."

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