Sunday, July 31, 2016

On participatory syntegralists and kennilinguists

The following excerpt is from an interview with Sloterdijk called "Man and machine will fuse into one being." I posted it in the Transcendence thread discussing the movie by that name. It is interesting on the above noted distinction (syntegral and kennilingus), issues addressed in the film.

"The concept of 'anthropotechnics' thus refers to the entire autopoiesis, or self-creation, of 'mankind' in its many thousands of cultural specializations. It is empirical, pluralistic and egalitarian from the ground up — in the sense that all individuals, as heirs to the memory of mankind, are free to surpass themselves.

"Ray Kurzweil’s idea of 'singularity,' by contrast, contains futuristic, monistic and elitist elements. Although 'singularity,' according to its logical and rhetorical design, is meant to integrate mankind as a whole, it is evident that it could only encompass a tiny group of exceptional transhuman individuals."

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