Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sanders on the Green Party

From this article, showing Sanders' practicality in the face of what we've got instead of what we should have. We can still work for the latter, a long-term project, while facing the realities of the present.

“I don't know the leadership of the Green Party, but I respect what they're trying to do. They're focusing on very, very important issues. But I think right now — what is it, three, four months before an election — you're gonna end up having a choice. Either Hillary Clinton is going to become president, or Donald Trump. If we were in Europe right now, in Germany or elsewhere, the idea of coalition politics of different parties coming together — you've got a left party, you've got a center-left party, coming together against the center-right party. That's not unusual. We don't have that. We have and have had [two parties] for a very long period of time — and I know a little bit about this, as the longest serving independent member of Congress.”

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