Friday, July 22, 2016

Trump and the GOP are definitely the far greater evil

After watching some of the GOP convention, and reading even more about it, Trump and the GOP must be defeated in the next election. Watching some of Trump's and the others' speeches I could swear we went back in time to Nazi Germany. I know the regressives say it's politically incorrect (PC) to play the Nazi card, but in this case reality and accuracy trump (so to speak) so-called PC. So-called, by the way, because Trump and the GOP continue to conflate progressives calling them racist xenophobe demagogues as PC when in fact they are indeed racist xenophobe demagogues. Of course, since they gave up on facts they can no longer tell the difference, and explaining it away as PC is just more red meat in their Nazi--there, I said it--delusional plan for another fascist takeover.

Now I'm still all for a progressive third party movement, and will continue to work toward that end. But in this election I'll have to vote for, and encourage others to vote for, corporate Shillary. Yes, she is a lousy candidate in terms of progressive reform, but when faced with the reality of the next Nazi Reich, and I do think that's accurate, the Big Shill is no where near that bad. Unfortunate we have to once again choose between the lesser of two evils, but the far greater evil will no doubt do irreparable damage to the US for decades to come. As but one example, think the Supreme Court. As another, think of going back to no government subsidies for healthcare, or cutting the already meager social security. Looking at the GOP platform that is just the very beginning. Again, it is no exaggeration to assert that millions of people will literally die because of Trump and the GOP agenda.

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