Friday, July 22, 2016

Robert Reich on Trump's acceptance speech

From his FB post below. He compares it to the communist witch hunts of the 50s but won't go back to Hitler in the 30s. Too bad he's accepted the regressive framing that to compare Trump to Hitler is PC. I saw Hitler revived in Trump's speech, and to hell with being called PC by a fascist Party.

"It was the most negative, fear-mongering acceptance speech in presidential history – completely devoid of uplifting vision or inspiration. Trump’s America is endangered by violent enemies within and without, and the entire rationale for his election is to keep the nation safe from them.
Not since the communist witch hunts of the 1950s or the urban riots of the 1960s have America’s fears been stoked like this. Trump is demagogically turning the economic and racial anxieties of the white working and lower middle class into a monstrous paranoia. He has a chance of succeeding if Hillary and the Democrats don’t counter next week with a powerful and credible message of hope."

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