Sunday, July 31, 2016

Jonathan Haidt on how to frame Trump

See Robert Reich's FB post on this, copied below.

"So far this campaign season, anti-Donald Trump forces have spent close to $70 million on ads attacking Trump — more than triple what Trump has spent on his entire campaign. But the ads haven’t been working. In fact, they might even be helping Trump, who in the latest polls is neck-and-neck with Hillary Clinton.

Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist at N.Y.U., has wise advice for all anti-Trumpadours: Don’t try to win over Trump supporters just on the basis of logic and reason. Trump isn’t appealing to them through logic or reason. He’s appealing to their gut. So go for their gut. For example:

1. Trump asks his followers to think of everything in terms of winners and losers. So show how much of a loser Trump really is. Give voice to the long parade of former customers and partners who regret ever dealing with him because Trump cheats, exploits, and deceives. Show he’s a con man, and we are his biggest mark yet.

2. Show how Trump degrades the sacredness of our Constitution and the presidency with his crassness, obscene language, fear-mongering and crudeness – offering a contemptible contrast with Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR, JFK, and even Reagan.

3. Show that Trump talks about patriotism but is more of a traitor than patriot. He seems to be pals with one of our main adversaries, Vladimir Putin, while he tells our friends in the Baltics that we may not defend them. In these ways he brings shame to America and weakens our stature among our friends.

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