Friday, July 15, 2016

Marco Morelli reflects on integral institute

See his reflections here. I especially appreciated the following:

"Which is to say that there was—as the theory itself pointed out and many of us acknowledged at the time—a shadow side to I-I. That was obvious and to be expected. But I think it’s worth making a connection between these internal issues we were experiencing and the commodification of Integral Theory, which I believe—in some subtle and not-so-subtle, unmistakable ways—corroded our integrity. I think it caused us to put our faith in a kind of dogma (a cognitively sophisticated, high-level dogma, to be sure) in place of actual thinking and critical inquiry. This seems to be what happens when one puts more energy into promoting an idea—which requires constantly reiterating a pre-established story or narrative, (which one easily becomes defensive around)—rather than questioning one’s ideas within the context of a broader intellectual debate."

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