Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cuts to social security and privatization coming?

I've been told by both liberals and conservatives that it's unreasonable to fear cuts to social security, and/or its privatization, in the new Administration and Congress. They can't possibly do that, for everyone would be in an uproar. But the actual Republican history on the issue leaves no mistake that has been their intention all along to do just that. And Twamp seems like he'll go along with it.

The National Committee or Preserve Social Security and Medicare confirm the facts. It's right there in the GOP 2016 platform for all to see. And in their history of wanting this agenda for decades. It's a completely reasonable fear based on facts, unlike the fears touted by Twamp and the GOP about immigrants, minorities, liberals and on and on. And damn it, we progressives will indeed fight tooth and nail to protect our earned benefits.

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