Wednesday, December 7, 2016

GOP Obamacare replacement

Hartmann interviews Merrill Mathews, who discusses both nominated HHS head Tom Price's plan, as well as Speaker Ryan's plan, both similar. One would get a refundable tax credit, sort of like a subsidy, to buy health insurance. It is for people that don't have employer coverage, Medicare, Medicaid or VA coverage. The plans would also provide a clause to prevent insurance companies from excluding preexisting conditions when one changes insurance plans. If one is without a plan to begin with the preexisting exclusion clause would be effective for 18 months, or one could move into a State high risk insurance pool.

Hartmann countered with a general argument about why healthcare should be a non-profit public service versus making insurance executives rich, a valid point. But he failed to explore exactly how much the subsidy is, which I'm guessing would not be much, certainly not enough to cover all one's yearly healthcare needs. So what then, we just pay out of pocket if we get cancer or some other long-term, debilitating disease? Or not be covered for 18 months for pre-existing conditions, in which time a serious illness could bankrupt us before killing us? And exactly kind of coverage do we get in these State high risk insurance pools?

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