Monday, December 5, 2016

Standing Rock update

From Lev Woolf sharing Ariel Herman's FB post, quoting:

Everyone, from what I understand, which is still developing, this is not over. Please pardon my earlier enthusiasm regarding this apparent victory. It has happened a few times out here. I've seen people want victory so badly that they take a false sunrise over true victory. It is tiresome work, on all levels.
Here's the situation:

DAPL has been denied the easement by the ACoE at the direction of the Obama Administration. This is kicking the can down the road for the movement, because Trump can repeal the decision and push for the pipeline.Furthermore, the lights are still on, the helicopters are still flying, therefore the drill is probably still in motion.

Here's why I'm saying this. ETP will likely incur a fine for drilling without the easement. Also, by the time that case gets to court, the Justice Department's triage will be at the whimsy of the Trump Administration, and Trump has publicly stated he is pro-DAPL.

I'm sorry guys, but I think we've been hoodwinked, and I've been a useful idiot like the rest.
So here's what you need to know -- This is not over. We are #stillstanding. DAPL will likely drill illegally with impunity.

Bear in mind, this situation is still developing, and we need to find more information out. Drones are now being electronically seized as they head to the drill site.

Your prayers are still needed. Your involvement is still desired. Your public outcry is still necessary. DAPL is pretending to be wounded to make us drop our guard.

I speculate we are not going anywhere for a bit longer. But we have momentum! We have bitten the beast and tasted justice and we are thirsty for higher volumes of it.

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