Monday, December 5, 2016

The Resistance

See this article. We must vigorously resist the new President and his crony appointments. He makes the point of how Hitler's regime started slowly with incremental change. And how the public didn't resist but just accepted it as normal, which further empowered the regime to go to the extent it did. Same with us now. We cannot normalize Twamp or the GOP, as if they are not all that bad, or we must just give them a chance. That is exactly what they want to empower them to achieve their odious agenda. To rationalize that away as "we're just living in fear because they couldn't possibly do those things" is precisely the attitude they want to justify public support of their agenda. It's time to fight hard against this impending catastrophe if we don't want to see history repeated yet again.

Another point is Twamp's thin-skin.
We've seen both during the campaign and even thereafter how he easily gets offended and responds childishly. We need to take full advantage of this and keep needling him with personal affronts so as to continually set him off. Thereby he will continue to make serious mistakes that even his most ardent, yet ill- or misinformed followers can discern and retaliate against. In that way we use one of Twamp's own successful tactics against him, and it has and will continue to work. “It’s becoming ever more obvious that Trump will lash out and shit the bed whenever he feels any pressure, so PRESSURE HIM CONSTANTLY.” This requires mass demonstrations every time Twamp or the GOP try to implement their agenda, or the media tries to normalize it. The time for pussy pacifism is over, for Twamp will just fuck you without consent like that pussy he likes to grab.

See the article for a lot more ways to resist effectively. To counter the Borg: Resistance is not futile but continually necessary, and now, and hard.

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