Thursday, March 2, 2017

Atty. General Sessions caught lying about Russian connection

This should be no surprise, coming as it is from the Fourth Reich. It has been revealed that the new Attorney General had conversations with the Russian ambassador prior to the election when he was an adviser to the Twamp campaign. And not only did he violate the Logan Act but he lied to Congress about it during his confirmation hearing, another crime. And this is the guy who will be in charge of the Justice Dept's investigation into the Twamp campaign ties to Russia? Is it too much of a stretch to think that's exactly why he was selected?

So the Republicans' response to all this? Well maybe he should recuse himself from the Justice Dept. investigation. Seriously? Hello! He committed two serious crimes and doesn't deserve to be America's top cop. Are you fucking kidding me? The Republicans are suborning treason just to maintain power and leave those criminals in office, including not my President. The evidence of this mounts daily, signalling just how far a once reasonable Party has itself descended into fascism.

And then there's the wimpy Democrats, merely suggesting that maybe he should resign. Grow a fucking pair you pussies. Demand it loudly and daily like Sanders or Warren. To just passively suggest it is to give faint condemnation for publicity while not as usual having the courage of your conviction or the guts to represent the people. We need to vote these charlatans out of office.

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