Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Greenwald rationalizes CIA abuse

Continuing this post, Greenwald is asked directly if he has evidence that the CIA is using the recently exposed tech to spy on non-criminals. Greenwald dances around it with generalities and innuendos because he has no evidence to that effect. And this from the guy who demands and is refused top secret intelligence evidence of Russian hacking due to lack of proper clearance. You think just maybe the CIA and NSA tech is used to prevent terrorist attacks? And why we have by far the lowest  such incidents anywhere?

Now Greenwald makes a good point that we need a media that holds intelligence agencies accountable when they overstep their authority. But that in no way addresses when the likes of Wikileaks oversteps their responsibility in releasing information that jeopardizes our national security. It seems for Greenwald this reasonable approach is good only for the intelligence goose but not for the leaking gander.

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