Thursday, March 9, 2017

Fact checking the GOP health(don't)care bill

Good analysis here comparing the new (GOP) v. the old plan (ACA). A few highlights follow. See the link for more details.

The penalty for not having insurance is eliminated.

Pre-existing conditions are still covered.

Medicaid expansion will be phased out. Plus federal funds to states will be capped, meaning once you've used up your individual allotment tough shit.

Tax credits will be maintained in the new bill, but based on age rather than income. Older Americans would get higher credits but they can be charged up to 5 times more for insurance.

It eliminates many of the ACA taxes to pay for the program. Instead the GOP plan charges a surcharge to those with a gap in coverage.

If your insurance plan covers abortion then you don't get the tax credits regardless whether you get an abortion or not.

6 to 10 million people fewer people will likely be eligible for coverage than under the ACA.

The cost has yet to be determined by the Congressional Budget Office.

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