Thursday, March 9, 2017

PS on Taibbi

Continuing from the last post, another thing. Taibbi is concerned about the validity of stories when regressives don't give one shit about the truth. How many Benghazi hearings did we have in Congress and not one of them found any truth to the allegations of Clinton's wrongdoing. They knew there was no evidence and did it anyway to feed the fear of their base, knowing it would create a narrative that would rile them up against Clinton and be impervious to fact.

So why the hell wouldn't liberals do the same thing with this Russian traitor narrative, true or not? Because liberals 'play fair' and only base stories on the truth? Fuck that. This is rhetorical war people, and liberals have to keep pushing the traitor story because it will flip some Twamp supporters if framed properly.

And if it turns out not to be true? So what, keep pushing it anyway. Facts don't matter to Twamp dwellers. We need to learn from what works, something the regressives have done successfully in the last several elections. We can't implement beneficial public programs if we're not in office. So grow some spine and do what is necessary to get the job done.

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