Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sanders in coal country

Below is a clip of Sanders in a recent town hall in McDowell County, West Virginia. He thinks progressives need to reach out to the Twamp voters who won these counties, to address their concerns, and to offer real solutions. This is especially important in light of the Democrats losing these voters for not giving a damn about them in several past elections.

One particular issue addressed is that Twamp promised to bring coal jobs back to this decimated county, even signing a resolution that eliminated pollution standards for the industry. But that doesn't consider at all climate change caused by the industry. So Sanders proposes instead jobs with the same good pay and benefits in other industries. The crowd acknowledged that if there were such jobs they would be preferable to coal mining.

An excellent strategy Sanders employed was to not blame the coal miners for the climate change problems, but rather to thank him for their service to family and the wider community by providing food on the table and heat to homes in need. He also then redirected that sort of humane service to creating good jobs in other industries that don't contribute to climate change. The audience responded well. Listen and learn liberals.

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