Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Warren on Chaffetz's comments about those lazy poor people

In this blog post Warren looks into the Republican worldview behind Chaffetz telling people to buy insurance instead of the new I-phone. That comment reveals that Republicans think poor people are lazy and squander their limited resources on non-essentials. Warren used to believe that too so did a study on the actual people on public assistance.

"These folks weren't lazy cheats. They were hard-working people who sacrificed for their kids and hung on to their spot in the middle class by the very tips of their fingernails – right up until they just couldn’t make it any longer. For most of them, some combination of medical problems, job losses and family break ups turned their lives upside down."

Republicans like Chaffetz have to create a false narrative about these people because to admit the truth would force them to realize how cruel and callous they are to their fellow human beings. They'd have to face that they are very bad Christians, let alone very bad people.

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